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Correct spelling: hang

Definition of hang:

  1. Slope; drift; mode of connexion.
  2. To suspend; to fasten as on a hinge; to put to death by suspending by the neck; to cover or decorate by anything suspended.
  3. To be suspended; to dangle; to depend; to bend forward; to cling to; to hover; to linger; to have a steep declivity; to be executed by the baiter. To hang on or upon, to adhere to; to adhere obstinately; to rest; to be dependent on; to hold fast without belaying. To hang over, to extend or project from above. To hang in doubt, to be in suspense. To hang together, to be closely united. To hang to, to to cling. To hang out, to display. To hang down, to let fall below the proper situation. To hang up, to place on something fixed on high. To hang fire, said of a gun when the charge does not rapidly ignite; to hesitate.

Common misspellings for hang:

henghazi, hanjo, he amiss, thang.

Hang \ha-ng\

Hang as a girl's name.
Hanako, Hanka, Henka.

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Quotes for hang:

  1. I do like to hang out in the corner and keep my eye on the party, or be outside in a smaller group.
  2. That may be a factor because we are the older show; we have been on the air for a while. Is it our day? Is it time to hang it up? But it seems that the show still continues, and we still enjoy being here. And that's a very important element.
  3. He helps me every day to do my exercises. Siegfried told me once, 'The one who is a hero is the one who can hang on just one minute longer.'
  4. I always preferred to hang out with the outcasts, 'cause they were cooler; they had better taste in music, for one thing, I guess because they had more time to develop one with the lack of social interaction they had!
  5. When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.

Rhymes for hang:

  1. chiang, pang, clang, whang, yang, wang, bang, ang, zhang, gang, lang, sang, vang, sprang, spang, trang, slang, kang, tang, lange, hwang, dang, liang, klang, mang, strang, rang, fang, nang, huang, stang, chang;
  2. shenyang, nanchang, pyongyang, harangue;
  3. xinjiang, kuomintang;