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How To Spell hardly?

Correct spelling: hardly

Definition of hardly:

  1. almost not; "he hardly ever goes fishing"; "he was hardly more than sixteen years old"; "they scarcely ever used the emergency generator"

List of misspellings for hardly:

  • heidle,
  • hrly,
  • hadly,
  • heatly,
  • huriedly,
  • heatlh,
  • hardd,
  • hurredly,
  • harderly,
  • hardlly,
  • hayday,
  • harlly,
  • heartadly,
  • heartely,
  • laidly,
  • hurdly,
  • hardley,
  • hairly,
  • herbely,
  • hearitly,
  • boardly,
  • hadely,
  • harlay,
  • houdl,
  • yeardley,
  • hardl,
  • heartly,
  • hsoudl,
  • eartly,
  • harsley,
  • hardm,
  • hardle,
  • hardely,
  • hairdye,
  • hardf,
  • hasitly,
  • heartilly,
  • harely,
  • heatidly,
  • hashly,
  • hadel,
  • headedly,
  • herdity,
  • heartedl,
  • habdle,
  • harryl,
  • hargly,
  • hardday,
  • happidly,
  • shorhtly,
  • radley,
  • hartley,
  • harshily,
  • heartitly,
  • hyrule,
  • hurdiely,
  • hartlepool,
  • maddly,
  • hardkey,
  • hamily,
  • wardle,
  • happerly,
  • hadn'y,
  • hottly,
  • hardwoo,
  • heartedley,
  • hardwd,
  • harmly,
  • hapily,
  • haartedly,
  • heatlhy,
  • hastly,
  • hastaloy,
  • hardey,
  • ahrdly,
  • handly,
  • hawally,
  • harly,
  • hadle,
  • haughtly,
  • healtly,
  • hairday,
  • coardly,
  • hoarsly,
  • hearteadly,
  • handl,
  • hartly,
  • radly,
  • hadedly,
  • heatdly,
  • herdelf,
  • hrdly,
  • harshely,
  • hardky,
  • hazardly,
  • hardr,
  • hayely,
  • harldy,
  • haliday,
  • haloday.

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This graph shows how "hardly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for hardly:

  1. ardley, yardley;

Translations for hardly:

Afrikaans word for Hardly


Arabic word for Hardly


Chinese word for Hardly


Dutch words for Hardly

bijna niet, amper, nauwelijks, zeker niet, ternauwernood.

French words for Hardly

rarement, rudement, durement, difficilement.

German words for Hardly

hart, schwierig, fest, schwer, stark, streng, scharf, heftig, kraftvoll, anstrengend, kaum, unnachgiebig, prall, Mal, fast nicht, wohl kaum, schwerlich, kalkhaltig, verzwickt, diffizil.

Greek word for Hardly


Hindi word for Hardly

शायद ही.

Italian word for Hardly


Japanese word for Hardly


Javanese word for Hardly

Meh ora.

Korean word for Hardly

거의 ...않다.

Malay word for Hardly


Marathi word for Hardly


Norwegian word for Hardly


Polish word for Hardly


Portuguese words for Hardly

quase nunca, rigidamente.

Romanian word for Hardly


Spanish words for Hardly

raramente, apenas, duramente, difícilmente, escasamente, arduamente, casi no, severamente.

Swedish word for Hardly


Tamil word for Hardly


Turkish word for Hardly


Ukrainian word for Hardly

навряд чи.

Vietnamese word for Hardly

hiếm khi.