How To Spell harsh?

Correct spelling: harsh

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What are the usage examples for harsh?

  1. Supposing it to be his daughter coming to take her leave of him for the night, as was her frequent practice, he called her by name, but a harsh voice me this ear in reply. – Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists by Washington Irving
  2. " I saw my father murdered in front of me," she said in a harsh voice. – The Rough Road by William John Locke

What are the rhymes for harsh?

  1. marche, marsh;

What are the translations for harsh?

Afrikaans word for Harsh


Chinese words for Harsh

苛, 严厉, 苛刻, 肃杀, 嘴损, 詻, 冷面, 苛刻的.

Dutch words for Harsh

scherp, ruw, ruig, hard, zwaar, grof, wreed, nors, lomp, wrang, hardvochtig, krassend, onbarmhartig, hardhandig.

French words for Harsh

difficile, grave, rugueux, vulgaire, rigoureux, graves, cru, hostile, agressif, cruel, âpre, vache.

German words for Harsh

Dur, hart, streng, scharf, rau, brutal, rigide, herb, rüde, unsanft, barsch, harsch, unfreundlich, grell, unglimpflich.

Greek word for Harsh


Japanese words for Harsh

過酷, 苛酷, 手厳しい, 辛い, 際疾い, 味噌クソ, 刳い, てきびしい, しぶい, どぎつい, 辛目, みそクソ, クソみそ, かこく, クソ味噌, きわどい, 味噌糞, 糞味噌, 際どい, からくち, ミソくそ, とげとげしい, 辛め, 刺々しい, 醶い, みそくそ, からい, えぐい.

Malay word for Harsh


Norwegian word for Harsh


Polish word for Harsh


Portuguese words for Harsh

atos, difíceis, rigoroso, fortes, crua, exigentes, agressivo, hostis, brusca, bravios, pesadas, inóspito, ríspido, ríspidos, violenta, exagerada, nefastas.

Romanian words for Harsh

absolută, aspru.

Russian words for Harsh

суровый, шероховатый, резковатый.

Spanish words for Harsh

duro, exigente, crudo, riguroso, severo, agreste, extremo, austero, violento, intransigente, adverso, hostil, discordante, chillón, extremos, inclemente.

Turkish word for Harsh