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  1. The result was highly satisfactory to himself; he was soon known as one of the most successful haunters of the German and Belgian gaming- tables; he cast off the outward aspect and manners of the Bohemian set he had once affected, and assumed the guise and dress of the gentleman he really was- at least by birth and education- and which he found at once more profitable and more congenial to his maturer tastes. "My Little Lady" , Eleanor Frances Poynter.
  2. They are great friends of Jews and itinerants, hand- in- glove with smugglers, Ladies Bountiful to pedlers, are diligent readers of puffs and advertisements, and eternal haunters of sales and auctions. "The Disowned, Complete" , Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  3. The streets are free from the painted haunters of the pavement. "Castilian Days" , John Hay.
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