How To Spell have?

Correct spelling: have

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What are the rhymes for have?

  1. halve, nav, calve;

What are the translations for have?

Arabic word for Have


Bengali word for Have


Chinese words for Have

具有, 具备, 抱有.

Dutch words for Have

hebben, genieten, het, ontvangen, bezitten, over beschikken.

French words for Have

avoir, conter, disposer de, hâve, avéré.

German words for Have

bieten, aufweisen, einlegen, nehmen, einnehmen, besitzen, haben.

Japanese words for Have

持つ, ついている, 付いている, 備える, 擁する, ついてる, 具える, 付いてる, 持っている.

Javanese word for Have


Korean word for Have


Malay word for Have


Polish word for Have


Portuguese words for Have

ter, deter, possuir, haver, dever, Forma verbal.

Romanian words for Have

văr, a avea.

Spanish words for Have

mantener, tener, celebrar, obtener, poseer, tomar, comer, tolerar, beber.

Tamil word for Have


Ukrainian word for Have

допоміжне дієслово, вживається для утворення форм теперішнього доконаного часу.