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How To Spell head?

Correct spelling: head

What is the definition of head?

  1. the part in the front or nearest the viewer; "he was in the forefront"; "he was at the head of the column"

What does the abbreviation head mean?

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What are the rhymes for head?

  1. shed, dead, redd, fred, tread, med, unsaid, unread, dred, jed, bled, bed, widespread, fled, thread, sped, reade, ed, led, shred, bread, wedd, wed, pled, bred, dread, unwed, zed, ted, read, spread, freda, ned, said, sled, fed, retread, red, ged, swed, lead, stead;
  2. instead, abed, purebred, misled, behead, ahead, imbed, adread, embed;
  3. overhead, interbred, thoroughbred, infrared, biomed, overfed;

What are the translations for head?

Bengali word for Head


Chinese words for Head

头头, 首, 首领, 为首, 头颅, 标题, 项上人头.

Dutch words for Head

hoofd, kop.

French words for Head

mener, diriger, principal, directeur, tête, cerveau, présider, guider, face, présidente, central.

German words for Head

leiten, Leitung, lenken, Spitze, Titel, steuern, final, Kopf, Direktor, Chef, Gipfel, Vorsitzender, Leiter, Eiterpfropf, Chefin, Vorsteher, köpfen, Boss, Obmann, Obfrau, Leiterin, Heimleiter, Oberhaupt, Kopfende, Wipfel, Baumwipfel, Patron, Haupt, Toilette, Magnetkopf, Schädel, Vorsitzende, Landspitze, Heimleiterin, Kap, Schaumkrone, Blume, oberstes Teil, Kesselboden, an der Spitze von stehen, vorstehen, stauchen, Pointe, Premier.

Greek word for Head


Italian words for Head

direttore, testata, testina.

Javanese word for Head


Malay word for Head


Norwegian word for Head


Polish words for Head

sztuka, kierownik, szef, głowa, głowica, zwierzchnik.

Portuguese words for Head

ponta, cabeça, chefe, cabeçote, chefiar, capô, diretor, vanguarda, cabeceira, encabeçar.

Russian words for Head

руководитель, глава, начальник, голова, возглавлять, головной, старший, направляться, головка.

Spanish words for Head

punta, ir, dirigir, liderar, guiar, encabezar, director, titular, cima, cabeza, jefe, cabezal, cabecera, encabezamiento, de cabeza, dirigirse, mente, presidir, espuma, encabezado, culata, jefa, frente, topo, cabo, enfrentar, dirigente, testa, presidenta, directora, del cabezal, craneal, de proa.

Tamil word for Head


Turkish word for Head


Ukrainian word for Head


Vietnamese word for Head

người đứng đầu.