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How To Spell heat?

Correct spelling: heat

Definition of heat:

  1. provide with heat; "heat the house"

List of misspellings for heat:

  • hatai,
  • thehard,
  • lwhat,
  • soewhat,
  • gohead,
  • heet,
  • heache,
  • cheta,
  • heahh,
  • headq,
  • deat,
  • heaed,
  • shhet,
  • hea,
  • haity,
  • hwart,
  • heatl,
  • wwhat,
  • haita,
  • hewwit,
  • youeat,
  • tohear,
  • haeart,
  • heate,
  • headig,
  • hert,
  • themwhat,
  • haitat,
  • heafty,
  • hiegt,
  • hteir,
  • heigt,
  • perheat,
  • hhat,
  • thaat,
  • wahat,
  • whwhat,
  • heaat,
  • twhat,
  • mwhat,
  • htat,
  • yeat,
  • sheat,
  • theator,
  • dwhat,
  • heatly,
  • heoght,
  • gerheart,
  • hext,
  • headup,
  • hewad,
  • hesaid,
  • hiest,
  • thuat,
  • he3art,
  • heahter,
  • heartake,
  • seewhat,
  • hwta,
  • seat,
  • hesiate,
  • hertwo,
  • haev,
  • theyhad,
  • haveit,
  • happt,
  • headf,
  • hiati,
  • heatd,
  • hieght,
  • hahah,
  • hect,
  • heatm,
  • youhate,
  • howto,
  • thert,
  • heav,
  • headd,
  • healty,
  • heag,
  • headof,
  • heaer,
  • hitty,
  • hayti,
  • headn,
  • shehad,
  • helet,
  • myhead,
  • heatup,
  • hearyt,
  • het,
  • headon,
  • hecto,
  • thiat,
  • reat,
  • theart,
  • heald,
  • ehead,
  • heator,
  • herit.

What does the abbreviation heat mean?

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Crazy from the Heat is a 1985 EP by David Lee Roth. His debut solo recording, it was released while Roth was still lead singer for Van Halen, though he parted ways with the band several weeks later and launched a solo career.




Ivanti /ee-von-tee/ is an American IT software company headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. It produces software for IT security, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, IT Systems Management and supply chain management.

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Second Heat


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Second Heat is the second studio album by the American heavy metal band Racer X, released on February 11, 1987 through Shrapnel Records.

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2004 film

Sunland Heat is a 2004 American martial arts film directed by Halder Gomes.

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Rhymes for heat:

  1. cleat, greet, feat, sweet, neat, meet, eat, skeet, bleat, sheet, feet, tweet, skeat, pleat, mete, wheat, treat, leet, street, teat, fleet, peat, peet, meat, beat, cheat, crete, grete, suite, teet, seat, neet, peete, piet, beet, veit, st, pete, sleet;
  2. concrete, amit, delete, secrete, excrete, defeat, offbeat, replete, conceit, mistreat, receipt, deceit, downbeat, bridgette, retreat, repeat, elite, deplete, unseat, complete, effete, discrete, compete, petite, discreet, gamete;
  3. marquerite, noncompete, marguerite, indiscreet, incomplete, uncomplete;

Translations for heat:

Arabic word for Heat


Bengali word for Heat


Dutch words for Heat

verwarmen, vuur, warmte, hitte, gloed, stoken, opwarmen, verhitten, warm maken.

French words for Heat

feu, chauffage, chauffer, réchauffer, chaleur, ardeur, rut.

German words for Heat

Lauf, Serie, Durchgang, Passion, Vorlauf, rennen, befeuern, Wärme, Hitze, Brunft, Ausscheidungskampf, heizen, erwärmen, aufheizen, Glut, wärmen, Brunst, Läufigkeit, Brunstzeit, Ausscheidungsrennen, Brunftzeit, Paarungszeit, erhitzen, beheizen, anwärmen, warm werden.

Greek word for Heat


Hindi word for Heat


Italian words for Heat

calore, fuoco, riscaldamento, calura.

Japanese words for Heat

熱, ヒート, 加温, 温める, 熱する, 暑, 暖める, 熱り, ねっする, あたためる, 温気, ほてり, かおん, チャカ, ぬくめる, 火照り, あっためる.

Javanese word for Heat


Malay word for Heat


Marathi word for Heat


Polish word for Heat


Portuguese words for Heat

cio, aquecer, esquentar, fogo, aquecimento, lume.

Romanian word for Heat


Russian words for Heat

жара, зной, тепловой, нагреваться.

Spanish words for Heat

calentar, calor, temperatura, fuego, celo, vehemencia, térmico, calorífica, caldear, caldo, ardor, acaloramiento.

Swedish word for Heat


Ukrainian word for Heat