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How To Spell heed?

Correct spelling: heed

Definition of heed:

  1. pay close attention to; give heed to; "Heed the advice of the old men"

List of misspellings for heed:

  • keed,
  • hdwd,
  • heet,
  • heaer,
  • headof,
  • deede,
  • htese,
  • heaed,
  • tee'd,
  • myhead,
  • headm,
  • heild,
  • hoode,
  • mehod,
  • haved,
  • headon,
  • huerd,
  • hiered,
  • huggeed,
  • helld,
  • hesd,
  • heder,
  • headup,
  • shehad,
  • hedid,
  • hneed,
  • thied,
  • heerd,
  • howed,
  • ahaed,
  • herld,
  • theyhad,
  • headq,
  • herea,
  • herew,
  • heshey,
  • queed,
  • thehard,
  • heatd,
  • heer,
  • jehad,
  • heared,
  • gohead,
  • haced,
  • heled,
  • heey,
  • hewad,
  • he'dd,
  • hteir,
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  • headn,
  • hided,
  • ahade,
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  • huode,
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  • iheard,
  • herte,
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  • heese.

What does the abbreviation heed mean?

Related words for heed

Heed Rock



Heed Rock is a very small rock, awash at high water and virtually hidden from sight, lying 1 nautical mile south of Brown Island in the Wauwermans Islands in the Wilhelm Archipelago, Antarctica.

John Clifford Heed


American composer

John Clifford Heed was an American composer and musician, best known for composing over 60 marches. Born in Hackettstown, New Jersey, on April 23, 1862, Heed began his musical career with the Hackettstown Cornet Band by the age of 11.

Jonas Heed


Jonas Heed is a Swedish former professional ice hockey player. He was selected by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 6th round of the 1985 NHL Entry Draft. Between 1984 and 1998, Heed played 316 regular season games in the Swedish Elitserien.

Peter Heed


American lawyer

Peter Heed is an American lawyer and a former New Hampshire Attorney General.

Take Heed Mr. Tojo


1943 film

Take Heed Mr. Tojo is a 1943 American animated short film directed by Shamus Culhane. It is an American World War II propaganda film featuring the character Hook, who was a character similar to Private Snafu at the Warner Brothers' animation department.

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This graph shows how "heed" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for heed:

  1. freed, impede, misread, friede, reread, she'd, feed, swede, mead, bede, kneed, dede, brede, misdeed, precede, nead, supersede, indeed, fede, teed, skied, hamid, reid, stampede, cede, seed, deed, rasheed, waleed, steed, speed, recede, screed, greed, leed, lipide, saeed, proceed, ede, rashid, lead, read, tweed, reed, bead, secede, wied, plead, mislead, keyed, need, knead, bleed, walid, reseed, meade, succeed, weed, sneed, creed, snead, he'd, shaheed, fried, breed, we'd;
  2. agreed, decreed, accede, elide, gilead, concede, exceed, degreed;
  3. guaranteed, intercede, aristide, overfeed, disagreed;

Translations for heed:

Arabic word for Heed


Bengali word for Heed


French words for Heed

attention, pas.

German words for Heed

beachten, Akt, beherzigen, ernst nehmen.

Italian word for Heed

dare ascolto a.

Javanese word for Heed


Korean word for Heed

~을 마음에 두다.

Malay word for Heed


Marathi word for Heed

लक्ष ठेवा.

Polish word for Heed


Russian words for Heed

обращать внимание, внимать, внимательно следить, Смотри,.

Spanish words for Heed

considerar, atender, cuidado, escuchar, acatar, prestarle atención.

Ukrainian word for Heed

Дивись ,.