How To Spell help?

Correct spelling: help

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What does the abbreviation help mean?

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What are the rhymes for help?

  1. whelp, yelp, welp, delp, kelp;
  2. self-help;

What are the translations for help?

Afrikaans word for Help


Arabic word for Help


Chinese words for Help

有助, 协助, 扶, 助益, 壁助, 救命!.

Dutch words for Help

ondersteunen, bijstaan, helpen, assisteren, hulp verlenen.

French words for Help

soutenir, outil, favoriser, secours, aider, moyen, assistance, appui, appuyer, aide, servir, soutien, assister, accompagner, contribuer, faciliter, coup de main, à l’aide !.

German words for Help

Hilfe, Beistand, Zutun, helfen, mitwirken, dienen, Handreichung, Hilfskraft, Mithilfe, Hilfeleistung, mithelfen, Auxiliar, verhelfen, weiterhelfen, nachhelfen, Hilfefunktion, Aushilfe, Hilfe!.

Greek word for Help


Hindi word for Help


Italian words for Help

assistenza, contributo, aiutare, aiuto, sostenere, assistere, favorire, ausilio, soccorso, bantù, aiuto!.

Japanese words for Help

助ける, お手伝い, 手伝う, 応援, 一助, 力添え, 助, 世話, 手を差し伸べる, 扶助, 救ける, 扶ける, 援ける, てをさしのべる, いちじょ, おせわ, 御陰, ほさ, おたおた, 御手伝い, 佐ける, たすく, せわ, ごうりき, ほじょ, 手つだう, おうえん, 輔佐, おてつだい, 合力, ちからぞえ, ごうりょく, かいじょ, 助けて!.

Korean word for Help


Malay word for Help


Norwegian word for Help


Polish word for Help


Portuguese words for Help

apoiar, ajuda, auxílio, ajudar, socorrer, apoio, socorro!.

Romanian word for Help


Russian words for Help

оказывать помощь, выручить, помогите!.

Spanish words for Help

favorecer, evitar, socorro, ayuda, asistir, asistencia, apoyo, ayudar, remediar, beneficiar, valer, concurso, ¡socorro!.

Swedish word for Help


Turkish word for Help

yardım et.

Ukrainian word for Help


Vietnamese word for Help