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Correct spelling: herb


Common misspellings for herb:

kerb, hrb, hearb, erb, herbe, herbed, heb.

Herb \he-rb\

illustrious warrior
Herb as a boy's name is a variant of Herbert (Old German), and the meaning of Herb is "illustrious warrior".

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Examples of usage for herb:

  1. She would pull the herb herself and prepare it by mixing spring water with it. "The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries" , W. Y. Evans Wentz.
  2. The next morning, as soon as there was light, there was Guleesh searching for any herb that was strange to him around the door. "Fairies and Folk of Ireland" , William Henry Frost.
  3. There was a herb, which grew beside rivers, and was known to but a few, that was a certain cure for the kind of wasting disease which had baffled educated skill. "Wild Life in a Southern County" , Richard Jefferies.

Quotes for herb:

  1. Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction. - Bob Marley
  2. The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall. - Bob Marley
  3. When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself. - Bob Marley
  4. I think it's wrong the way they criminalize herb. There are many more uses than just smoking. Beneficial to mankind. - Ziggy Marley
  5. I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong? - Willie Nelson

Rhymes for herb:

  1. blurb, curb, erb, erbe, kerb, serb, verb.
  2. disturb, perturb, reverb, superb.
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