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Correct spelling: Hermine


Hermine \he-rmi-ne, her-mine\

complete, universal; messenger; earthly
Hermine as a girl's name is a variant of Erma (Old German), Herminia (Spanish) and Hermione (Greek), and the meaning of Hermine is "complete, universal; messenger; earthly".
Herminie, Hermina.

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Examples of usage for Hermine:

  1. Hermine d'Andeville fell in love with the house and the domain; and the Count, who was looking for an estate whose management would occupy his spare time effected the purchase through his lawyer by private treaty. "The Woman of Mystery" , Maurice Leblanc.
  2. Hermine d'Andeville was devoted to her children and never went beyond the confines of the park. "The Woman of Mystery" , Maurice Leblanc.
  3. By the Count's orders, everything had remained as it was in the far- off days of Hermine d'Andeville. "The Woman of Mystery" , Maurice Leblanc.

Rhymes for Hermine:

  1. ermin, fermin, firmin, jermyn, termine, vermin.
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