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How To Spell Herself?

Correct spelling: Herself

Definition of Herself:

  1. Her own proper, true, or real character; hence, her right, or sane, mind; as, the woman was deranged, but she is now herself again; she has come to herself.

List of misspellings for Herself:

  • thself,
  • hilself,
  • muyself,
  • yourselve,
  • urself,
  • heathcliff,
  • tiself,
  • herselves,
  • yoursulf,
  • themeself,
  • mahself,
  • himelf,
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  • forself,
  • himkself,
  • herslef,
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  • homself,
  • yourrself,
  • orherself,
  • himslelf,
  • thereself,
  • you'rself,
  • hemself,
  • nmyself,
  • fourself,
  • themslef,
  • yourslef,
  • helself,
  • hersell,
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  • youeself,
  • hisleft,
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  • sitself.

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Quotes for Herself:

  1. There came to port last Sunday night the queerest little craft, without an inch of rigging on; I looked and looked- and laughed. It seemed so curious that she should cross the unknown water, and moor herself within my room- my daughter! O my daughter!
  2. It is madness to make fortune the mistress of events, because by herself she is nothing and is ruled by prudence.
  3. I read of the Kalamazoo girl who killed herself after reading the book. I am not at all surprised. She lived in Kalamazoo, for one thing, and then she read the book.
  4. You have to write badly to write at all. If it's crappy, I will rewrite it later. But it will be mine. You can hear the resonance of an artist who goes into herself.
  5. Each test pilot I know considers him, or herself, now that there are women, to be the very best. It's very demeaning to step down the ladder once in a while.

Rhymes for Herself:

  1. self, selph, shelf, helf, elf, delph;
  2. itself, themself, myself, yourself, himself, oneself;
  3. ourself;

Translations for Herself:

Afrikaans word for Herself


Arabic word for Herself


Bengali word for Herself


Chinese word for Herself


Dutch word for Herself


French word for Herself


Greek word for Herself

η ίδια.

Hindi word for Herself


Italian words for Herself

sé, se stessa.

Japanese word for Herself


Korean word for Herself

그 여자 자신.

Malay word for Herself

Dirinya sendiri.

Marathi word for Herself

स्वत: ला.

Norwegian word for Herself

seg selv.

Polish word for Herself


Portuguese word for Herself

ela mesma.

Romanian word for Herself

ea însăși.

Russian word for Herself


Swedish word for Herself

hon själv.

Tamil word for Herself


Turkish word for Herself


Ukrainian word for Herself


Vietnamese word for Herself

tự cô ấy.