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Spell Check of Herself

Correct spelling: Herself

Definition of Herself:

  1. 3rd pers.
  2. Reflective.

Common misspellings for Herself:

therself, thierself, thereself.


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This graph shows how "Herself" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for Herself:

  1. There came to port last Sunday night the queerest little craft, without an inch of rigging on; I looked and looked- and laughed. It seemed so curious that she should cross the unknown water, and moor herself within my room- my daughter! O my daughter!
  2. It is madness to make fortune the mistress of events, because by herself she is nothing and is ruled by prudence.
  3. I read of the Kalamazoo girl who killed herself after reading the book. I am not at all surprised. She lived in Kalamazoo, for one thing, and then she read the book.
  4. You have to write badly to write at all. If it's crappy, I will rewrite it later. But it will be mine. You can hear the resonance of an artist who goes into herself.
  5. Each test pilot I know considers him, or herself, now that there are women, to be the very best. It's very demeaning to step down the ladder once in a while.

Rhymes for Herself:

  1. self, selph, shelf, helf, elf, delph;
  2. itself, themself, myself, yourself, himself, oneself;
  3. ourself;