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How To Spell hesitation?

Correct spelling: hesitation

Definition of hesitation:

  1. The act of hesitating; suspension of opinion or action; doubt; vacillation.

List of misspellings for hesitation:

  • viisitation,
  • resitution,
  • hestitation,
  • busstation,
  • resittution,
  • visitatioin,
  • resitation,
  • restoation,
  • esitation,
  • hesatating,
  • heisitation,
  • thesituation,
  • hestiation,
  • hisation,
  • hasitation,
  • disitation,
  • furstation,
  • desertation,
  • esthitician,
  • hesetation,
  • desitation,
  • hesitaion,
  • sistution,
  • hestitations,
  • hesititaion,
  • decidiation,
  • resatation,
  • halusination,
  • sistutation,
  • restoartion,
  • hestuation,
  • sisutation,
  • worstation,
  • visistation,
  • dehydtation,
  • vestation,
  • hasitating,
  • hestitaion,
  • heasitation,
  • ssituation,
  • vistation,
  • resortation,
  • hesitatn,
  • hesitatin,
  • hasitaion,
  • hesiatation,
  • visiitation,
  • positistion,
  • gesitation,
  • heistation,
  • hesiation,
  • decidation,
  • hestitating,
  • sisituation,
  • asotation,
  • sistuition,
  • ledastation,
  • hessitation,
  • hisattention,
  • gasstation,
  • nesitation,
  • hypertesion,
  • uesitation,
  • hesistation,
  • hidratation,
  • yesitation,
  • esituation,
  • hesitiation,
  • sistation,
  • hisatation,
  • pesentation,
  • hesition,
  • hessitating,
  • hestation,
  • besitation,
  • fustation,
  • asituation,
  • vistitation,
  • hisitation,
  • destation,
  • assertation,
  • jesitation,
  • visititation,
  • hesitasion,
  • histocial,
  • hesitatiion,
  • hesitan,
  • hesistating,
  • hessistation,
  • sistuation,
  • hesitantion,
  • resotation,
  • pessontasion,
  • heastion,
  • heistating,
  • hesetating,
  • persstation,
  • positition,
  • hesatation,
  • hydartion.

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Hesitation Wounds



Hesitation Wounds is an American hardcore punk supergroup formed in 2012. The band features vocalist Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré; guitarist Neeraj Kane of The Hope Conspiracy and formerly of The Suicide File and Holy Fever; bassist Stephen LaCour of True Cross and formerly of Trap Them; and Jay Weinberg, the son of Max Weinberg, who previously performed with Madball and Against Me!, and eventually joined Slipknot.

no hesitAtIon

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Quotes for hesitation:

  1. I had therefore, no hesitation in giving all the information I had, even though occasionally I tried to concentrate mainly on giving information about the results of my own work.
  2. Hesitation before birth. If there is a transmigration of souls then I am not yet on the bottom rung. My life is a hesitation before birth.
  3. If there is a transmigration of souls then I am not yet on the bottom rung. My life is a hesitation before birth.
  4. Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists.
  5. I can say without hesitation that there is certainly no greater show to be a contestant on than 'Price'- the prizes can be huge, and the whole world loves and watches the show. It's an American institution!

Rhymes for hesitation:

  1. exhalation, inactivation, imagination, conflagration, examination, alteration, dehumanization, russification, cultivation, avocation, infestation, differentiation, syndication, degradation, consultation, initiation, stagnation, revocation, glorification, intimation, evacuation, fermentation, importation, gyration, remediation, privatization, punctuation, amalgamation, premeditation, desolation, irritation, calculation, hibernation, limitation, replication, disorientation, incrustation, categorization, dictation, constipation, elongation, appalachian, confiscation, realization, coagulation, multiplication, elation, tabulation, oscillation, incarceration, qualification, migration, miscreation, nomination, suffocation, detonation, monopolization, pigmentation, excavation, notification, adaptation, strangulation, proliferation, denationalization, creation, echolocation, rededication, estimation, crustacean, appellation, humiliation, decertification, prefabrication, specification, exacerbation, interrogation, recommendation, temptation, destabilization, deformation, evaporation, diversification, desperation, dehydration, granulation, amortization, discontinuation, consummation, congratulation, damnation, ramification, vocation, implantation, lactation, radiation, condensation, alleviation, altercation, consideration, mutilation, confirmation, inclination, disembarkation, transportation, rectification, menstruation, deportation, denunciation, coronation, cohabitation, misappropriation, combination, enumeration, insinuation, habitation, location, mineralization, federation, compilation, foliation, termination, designation, irradiation, imputation, allegation, renegotiation, modification, extermination, revelation, desiccation, complication, oration, reforestation, dalmatian, perturbation, indentation, mitigation, lubrication, condemnation, evocation, ventilation, immigration, refrigeration, equitation, flotation, mutation, characterization, pollination, repatriation, rehabilitation, insulation, recreation, fabrication, occupation, destination, reiteration, argumentation, criminalization, discrimination, maturation, improvisation, reorganization, repudiation, isolation, operation, graduation, immunization, ligation, optimization, degeneration, registration, elaboration, facilitation, socialization, assassination, disorganization, toleration, civilization, confederation, domination, insubordination, transformation, integration, approbation, infatuation, protestation, reincarnation, appropriation, admiration, desalination, fluctuation, implication, obfuscation, collaboration, stimulation, recrimination, exhilaration, excitation, consolidation, connotation, negotiation, convocation, regulation, variation, inhalation, fixation, fumigation, equivocation, experimentation, germination, elimination, recantation, demarcation, obligation, fragmentation, ionization, delineation, gestation, translation, emanation, culmination, inflammation, incarnation, assimilation, simplification, solicitation, localization, gasification, stabilization, illumination, clarification, concentration, intoxication, desegregation, equalization, invocation, demodulation, confrontation, prognostication, ossification, correlation, publication, aviation, preservation, cremation, invitation, stagflation, restoration, insemination, misrepresentation, information, disinflation, sensation, industrialization, starvation, flirtation, sanitation, detoxification, privation, ornamentation, affiliation, legalization, violation, fluoridation, separation, consternation, adjudication, authentication, disinformation, specialization, politicization, augmentation, speculation, subordination, modulation, proclamation, impregnation, origination, contemplation, machination, laceration, quantification, visitation, disintegration, mediation, fibrillation, fortification, education, devaluation, corroboration, exfoliation, conciliation, telecommunication, vulgarization, rotation, explanation, appreciation, unification, miniaturization, gastrulation, computation, incrimination, exhumation, vibration, ordination, regimentation, miscommunication, propagation, affrication, rejuvenation, dilatation, impersonation, demobilization, excommunication, exploitation, gratification, liquidation, corp, medication, reexamination, renovation, decontamination, consecration, codification, innovation, identification, sophistication, horatian, recitation, amputation, meditation, indoctrination, summation, standardization, duplication, inflation, liberalization, misapplication, inundation, quotation, deregulation, nitration, reflation, preparation, sarmatian, orientation, discoloration, victimization, compensation, situation, agglomeration, reauthorization, reaffiliation, aggravation, triangulation, oxidation, saturation, perspiration, reinvigoration, capitulation, preoccupation, croatian, miscalculation, classification, molestation, manifestation, participation, valuation, nullification, celebration, incapacitation, deliberation, refutation, reconciliation, renunciation, inoculation, segregation, pronunciation, cooperation, sedation, disqualification, organisation, declaration, recuperation, intensification, negation, resignation, illustration, edification, inspiration, saponification, subluxation, normalization, mummification, corporation, investigation, overvaluation, consolation, perpetuation, figuration, expiration, authorization, miseration, magnetization, incantation, articulation, fertilization, titillation, dislocation, advocation, deviation, vaporization, moderation, exploration, generalization, fascination, disinclination, deforestation, reallocation, hydrogenation, conservation, adulation, intimidation, validation, coordination, vacillation, reaffirmation, reparation, malformation, demoralization, bifurcation, litigation, perforation, ejaculation, amelioration, neutralization, pontification, expectation, dispensation, affectation, formulation, dissertation, gradation, conversation, renomination, elevation, representation, duration, narration, provocation, commercialization, vegetation, agitation, incorporation, hallucination, probation, automation, indignation, nucleation, cancellation, annihilation, reservation, relaxation, population, polarization, derivation, extrapolation, urbanization, suburbanization, vilification, subsidization, emigration, personification, annotation, procrastination, instigation, undervaluation, colonization, vacation, eradication, communization, prostration, taxation, association, vindication, balkanization, observation, trepidation, personalization, manipulation, emancipation, dissipation, orchestration, commemoration, documentation, precipitation, predestination, misinformation, pasteurization, generation, legislation, verification, filtration, masturbation, communication, constellation, rumination, permutation, privatisation, demonstration, collectivization, rehydration, centralization, ostentation, nationalization, depredation, explication, salvation, decapitation, misinterpretation, pagination, commendation, transillumination, implementation, remuneration, embarkation, exclamation, simulation, application, certification, defamation, plantation, imitation, nondiscrimination, segmentation, nonproliferation, continuation, levitation, coloration, depravation, reevaluation, palpitation, popularization, formation, exasperation, deprivation, accumulation, self-congratulation, purification, maximization, reputation, hospitalization, indication, annexation, stalinization, globalization, intonation, retardation, emulation, unionization, harmonization, denomination, pacification, installation, gentrification, cogitation, foundation, instrumentation, falsification, modernization, depreciation, securitization, reformation, misidentification, contamination, motivation, magnification, substantiation, conjugation, backwardation, hybridization, reunification, confabulation, usurpation, reconfirmation, westernization, disputation, animation, anticipation, indexation, stipulation, deceleration, reverberation, decentralization, presentation, desecration, devastation, liberation, profanation, mobilization, christianization, concatenation, utilization, glaciation, dilation, pressurization, distillation, decoration, electrification, allocation, deflation, reclassification, redecoration, aspiration, divination, proration, optation, domestication, reconsideration, respiration, resuscitation, revitalization, sterilization, expatriation, naturalization, justification, hyperinflation, adoration, sedimentation, revaluation, incoordination, determination, reclamation, escalation, interpretation, inhabitation, alienation, computerization, infiltration, regeneration, tribulation, retaliation, recalculation, notation, gravitation, affirmation, congregation, procreation, conglomeration, frustration, desalinization, invalidation, exhortation, visualization, marginalization, relation, vaccination, transplantation, delegation, navigation, exaggeration, overpopulation, configuration, indemnification, arbitration, approximation, relocation, recertification, rationalization, hydration, jubilation, democratization, ovation, dissemination, sanctification, mechanization, reconfiguration, expropriation, ratification, organization, dramatization, depopulation, inauguration, exoneration, evaluation, dissociation, irrigation, reinterpretation, incubation, deification, demonization, donation, calibration, libration, ministration, amplification, dedication, ovulation, sequestration;
  2. ration, station, haitian, nation;
  3. citation, cessation, alsatian, carnation, cetacean, causation, castration;
  4. abrogation, accusation, acclimation, aberration, abdication, activation;
  5. acceleration, accommodation, accreditation, abbreviation, abomination;
  6. capitalization, cannibalization, acidification, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, antidiscrimination, americanization, decriminalization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for hesitation:

Afrikaans word for Hesitation


Bengali word for Hesitation


Dutch words for Hesitation

aarzeling, terughoudendheid, twijfel, schroom, weifeling, huiverigheid.

French word for Hesitation


German words for Hesitation

Unterbrechung, Zögerlichkeit, Unschlüssigkeit, Unentschlossenheit.

Greek word for Hesitation


Hindi word for Hesitation


Italian word for Hesitation


Japanese words for Hesitation

躊躇, ためらい, ちゅうちょ, 尻ごみ, 後込み, 逡巡, ちぎしゅんじゅん, 遅疑逡巡, 尻込み, ちぎ, うこさべん, 遅疑, しゅんじゅん, しりごみ, 憚り, 右顧左眄, 二の足, にのあし.

Marathi word for Hesitation

मनाची दूविधावस्था.

Polish word for Hesitation


Romanian word for Hesitation


Russian words for Hesitation

сомнение, промедление, запинание, колебания.

Spanish words for Hesitation

duda, dudas, vacilación, titubeo, hesitación, dilatoria.

Swedish word for Hesitation


Turkish word for Hesitation