How To Spell hide?

Correct spelling: hide

What is the definition of hide?

  1. prevent from being seen or discovered; "Muslim women hide their faces"; "hide the money"

What does the abbreviation hide mean?

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What are the translations for hide?

Arabic word for Hide


Chinese words for Hide

藏身, 匿, 藏躲, 躲藏, 隐蔽, 隐避, 消隐, 遁形, 潜伏, 暗藏, 隐伏, 隐匿, 掖.

Dutch words for Hide

bedekken, verschuilen, verstoppen, huid, steek, onderduiken.

French words for Hide

couvrir, masquer, cacher, se cacher, taire, faire disparaître, dissimuler, occulter, envelopper, camoufler, planquer, s'embusquer.

German words for Hide

verdecken, bergen, verstecken, verbergen, sich verbergen, sich verstecken, verheimlichen, vertuschen, kaschieren, ausblenden, verschweigen, verhehlen, wegstecken.

Greek word for Hide


Hindi word for Hide


Italian words for Hide

nascondersi, nascondere, dissimulare, occultare.

Japanese words for Hide

隠す, 皮, 皮革, かわ, 裹む, かくまう, じゅうひ, 伏せる, ひかく, しのばせる, 忍ぶ, 匿す, 獣皮, かくる, 掩う, 潜める, 囲う, 隱くす, 隠くす, おおう, ひめる, 濳める, 忍ばせる, ふせる, ひそめる, 秘める.

Javanese word for Hide


Korean word for Hide

(...을) 숨기다.

Malay word for Hide


Norwegian word for Hide


Polish words for Hide

schronić się, ukrycie, kryjówka, ukrywać, skryć.

Portuguese words for Hide

cobrir, esconder-se, encobrir, escamotear, mascarar, sonegar.

Romanian word for Hide

a ascunde.

Spanish words for Hide

tapar, ocultar, esconder, esconderse, piel, disimular, cuero, enmascarar, pellejo.

Swedish word for Hide


Turkish word for Hide