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How To Spell high?

Correct spelling: high

Definition of high:

  1. a lofty level or position or degree; "summer temperatures reached an all-time high"

List of misspellings for high:

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  • haha1,
  • hiigh,
  • heoght,
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  • highw,
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  • hiegh,
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What does the abbreviation high mean?

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Rhymes for high:

  1. ty, sigh, phi, chai, rye, aye, dry, chae, pi, eye, brye, bi, bae, kwai, spry, ngai, fye, pty, pae, lie, ply, wy, pry, vie, lai, sty, vy, dye, nie, tai, my, shy, sai, thy, spy, bye, ly, wye, mai, yie, tsai, hy, kai, dai, cry, die, ay, gae, thai, phy, pri, sly, shai, tae, try, thigh, tie, wai, sri, hi, gyi, wry, bligh, flye, ai, nigh, keye, by, nye, lxi, pie, buy, why, kyi, chi, fi, sci, jai, guy, lye, fly, mei, sy, cai, frye, tye, cy, sky, psi, pye, vi, fae, bly, fry;
  2. comply, decry, imai, iwai, hi-fi, hereby, bye-bye, nearby, goodbye, awry, imply, apply, mcfly, defy, bonsai, july, deny, retry, good-bye, supply, mihai, dubai, ally, kanai, shanghai, reply, thereby, whereby, uy, standby, belie, alai, untie, brunei, rely, descry, versailles;
  3. overfly, misapply, resupply, underlie, dui;
  4. isty, cspi, oversupply;
  5. dwi;

Translations for high:

Afrikaans words for High

groot, positief.

Arabic word for High


Bengali word for High


Chinese words for High

高的, 较高, 很高.

Dutch words for High

hoog, verheven, bedorven, hooggeplaatst.

French words for High

important, élevés, élevée, aigu, élevées, sommital, rance.

German words for High

Höhe, edel, hoch, vornehm, hohes, hoher, angeheitert, fort, Haut, Grand, hochgradig, langschäftig, im Rausch, Hochdruckgebiet, Antizyklone.

Greek word for High


Hindi word for High


Italian words for High

grande, elevato, elevati, elevate, elevata.

Japanese words for High

高い, ハイ, 高層, 高価い.

Javanese word for High


Malay word for High


Polish words for High

wielki, wysoki, na haju.

Portuguese words for High

forte, cão, ricos, respeitado.

Romanian word for High


Russian words for High

высокий, высокопоставленный, верховный.

Spanish words for High

importante, gran, superior, elevado, alto, elevados, pleno, de alto, cota, elevadas, de altura, de gran altura, alta presión.

Swedish word for High


Tamil word for High


Ukrainian word for High