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How To Spell higher?

Correct spelling: higher

List of misspellings for higher:

  • righer,
  • huigher,
  • tigher,
  • hgihs,
  • highre,
  • hwihc,
  • hiigh,
  • hiher,
  • heigge,
  • figer,
  • hogher,
  • highight,
  • highily,
  • lighe,
  • heigher,
  • hoigh,
  • higger,
  • hiegher,
  • heheh,
  • hygne,
  • highr,
  • hgier,
  • hihgh,
  • hiugher,
  • hiyer,
  • hiygene,
  • highw,
  • higfh,
  • hgihly,
  • hainger,
  • higehr,
  • hihger,
  • highy,
  • hitec,
  • highg,
  • hgiher,
  • highkly,
  • higharcy,
  • highgate,
  • heighly,
  • hughe,
  • hikker,
  • hygeen,
  • higway,
  • higer,
  • thougher,
  • hagery,
  • highback,
  • highj,
  • highert,
  • highyway,
  • higfher,
  • highet,
  • figher,
  • highjs,
  • highschoo,
  • highl,
  • higeher,
  • hiogh,
  • highwy,
  • highier,
  • highely,
  • hieger,
  • hiigher,
  • kihei,
  • highers,
  • higherpower,
  • hughed,
  • ligher,
  • highes,
  • tigeer,
  • hairgel,
  • heyliger,
  • highth,
  • highen,
  • ogher,
  • highky,
  • eigher,
  • hgigh,
  • haigher,
  • highty,
  • houghon,
  • highner,
  • higerh,
  • hgighly,
  • tgher,
  • hacher,
  • higuer,
  • hitthe,
  • highter,
  • figuer,
  • higth,
  • highle,
  • heaher,
  • hiighly,
  • hicker,
  • higheer,
  • highkight,
  • hgher,
  • igher.

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1940–41 Latvian Higher League


Sports league season

The 1940–41 Latvian Higher League season was a season of the Latvian Higher League. It was interrupted by the Soviet Union invasion.

Chu Hai College of Higher Education


College in Hong Kong

Chu Hai College of Higher Education is a private degree-granting institute in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. The college is best known for its journalism and Chinese history programmes.

IILM Institute for Higher Education


Business school in New Delhi, India

Established in 1993, IILM is a business school with three campuses within the National Capital Region of Delhi, located in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Greater Noida.

Solent University


Public university in Southampton, England

Solent University is a public university based in Southampton, United Kingdom. It has approximately 11000 students. Its main campus is located on East Park Terrace near the city centre and the maritime hub of Southampton.

Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education


Higher educational institution in Tlaquepaque, Mex

Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education — distinct from the state University of Guadalajara — is a Jesuit university in the Western Mexican state of Jalisco, located in the municipality of Tlaquepaque in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

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Quotes for higher:

  1. We are always on the anvil; by trials God is shaping us for higher things.
  2. There are fully forty towers, which are lofty and well built, the largest of which has fifty steps leading to its main body, and is higher than the tower of the principal tower of the church at Seville.
  3. I believe in a higher force that is within me.
  4. The highest patriotism is not a blind acceptance of official policy, but a love of one's country deep enough to call her to a higher plain.
  5. The higher the voice the smaller the intellect.

Translations for higher:

Afrikaans word for Higher


Arabic word for Higher


French words for Higher

plus élevée, plus élevées, plus élevé, plus haut, accru, accrus.

German word for Higher


Greek word for Higher


Hindi word for Higher


Italian word for Higher


Javanese word for Higher

luwih dhuwur.

Malay word for Higher

Lebih tinggi.

Norwegian word for Higher


Polish word for Higher


Portuguese words for Higher

maior, melhor, mais elevado, mais alto, superiores, mais altas, mais altos, acrescidos.

Spanish words for Higher

mayor, superior, más alto, más elevado.

Swedish word for Higher


Turkish word for Higher

daha yüksek.

Vietnamese word for Higher

cao hơn.