How To Spell Hille?

Correct spelling: Hille


battle stronghold
Hille as a girl's name is a variant of Hildegarde (Old German), and the meaning of Hille is "battle stronghold".

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What are the usage examples for Hille?

  1. After her departure he again visited Minden, with the neighboring villages of Eidinghausen and Hille – Memoir and Diary of John Yeardley, Minister of the Gospel by John Yeardley
  2. Fro that Cytee of Artyroun go men to an Hille Sabissocolle. – A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume I. by R. Dodsley
  3. Then the fained assaultes availyng moche, whilest the faight continueth, it is conveniente, that the very assaultes in deede, dooe helpe moche: inespecially if at unwares in the middest of the faight, the enemie might bee assaulted behinde, or on the side: the whiche hardely maie be doen, if the countrie helpe thee not: for that when it is open, parte of thy men cannot bee hid, as is mete to bee doen in like enterprises: but in woddie or hille places, and for this apt for ambusshes parte of thy men maie be well hidden, to be able in a sodain, and contrary to thenemies opinion to assaut him, whiche thyng alwaies shall be occasion to give thee the victorie. – Machiavelli, Volume I The Art of War; and The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli

What are the rhymes for Hille?

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