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Correct spelling: Hiller


Hiller \hi(l)-ler\

battle guard; yard on a hill
Hiller as a boy's name is a variant of Hilliard (Old German, Old English), and the meaning of Hiller is "battle guard; yard on a hill".
Hillier, Heller, Hillyer, Hillery.

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Examples of usage for Hiller:

  1. The hut of the " Clay Eater" in South Carolina, the " Sand Hiller" in Georgia, the " Sang Digger" in Virginia was the same as that his grandfather had lived in. "The Struggle for Missouri" , John McElroy.
  2. Hiller was one of these. "The Story of Our Hymns" , Ernest Edwin Ryden.
  3. Hiller was a man sorely tried in the school of adversity. "The Story of Our Hymns" , Ernest Edwin Ryden.

Rhymes for Hiller:

  1. biller, chiller, driller, filler, giller, millar, miller, pillar, piller, schiller, siller, spiller, stiller, thriller, tiller, willer.
  2. distiller.
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