How To Spell hindrance?

Correct spelling: hindrance

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What are the translations for hindrance?

Afrikaans word for Hindrance


Arabic word for Hindrance


Chinese word for Hindrance


Dutch words for Hindrance

hinder, belemmering, beperking, obstakel, verstoring, beletsel, hinderpaal, verhindering.

French words for Hindrance

obstacle, frein, ralentissement, entrave, nuisance, handicap, blocage.

German words for Hindrance

Hemmnis, Hindernis, Verhinderung, Behinderung, Hinderung, Engel, Verwehrung.

Italian word for Hindrance


Japanese words for Hindrance

妨げ, 妨害, 邪魔, じゃま, 沮止, ししょう, さしつかえ, そし, あしでまとい, 差支え, はばかり, サシ, しょうがい, あしてまとい, さまたげ, 痞, 痞え, 障礙, 滞り, 妨礙, さしあたり, 差し当たり, とどこおり, お邪魔, 足手纏い, そがい, 阻止, つかえ, 足手まとい, 御邪魔, 障碍, じゃまもの, 塞がり, 差閊, 障がい, さわり, 差し合い.

Javanese word for Hindrance


Malay word for Hindrance


Norwegian word for Hindrance


Portuguese word for Hindrance


Spanish words for Hindrance

barreras, molestia, restricciones, inconveniente, desventaja, barrera, impedimento, freno, molestias, traba, estorbo, rémora, peso muerto, piedra en el camino, injerencia.

Tamil word for Hindrance


Ukrainian word for Hindrance


Vietnamese word for Hindrance

trở ngại.