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How To Spell holiday?

Correct spelling: holiday

Definition of holiday:

  1. a day on which work is suspended by law or custom; "no mail is delivered on federal holidays"; "it's a good thing that New Year's was a holiday because everyone had a hangover"

List of misspellings for holiday:

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holy day
Holiday as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Holiday), has the meaning "holy day". Originally meant to honor the calendar of the Christian church. Now, it has taken on the aura of joy and mirth.

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1988 Holiday Bowl


The 1988 Holiday Bowl was a college football bowl game played December 30, 1988, in San Diego, California. It was part of the 1988 NCAA Division I-A football season. It featured the 12th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys, and the 15th ranked Wyoming Cowboys.

1998 Holiday Bowl


The 1998 Holiday Bowl was a college football bowl game played December 30, 1998 in San Diego, California. It was part of the 1998 NCAA Division I-A football season. It featured the Arizona Wildcats, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Joe Holiday


American saxophonist

Joseph Befumo, known professionally as Joe Holiday, is an American jazz saxophonist who was born in Sicily. The father of the Befumo family played clarinet.

Yitian Holiday Plaza


Shopping mall in Shenzhen, China

Yitian Holiday Plaza is a shopping mall in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China. It is located within the Overseas Chinese Town area of Shenzhen, and a walking distance from a number of theme parks such as Window of the World and Splendid China.

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Rhymes for holiday:

  1. holliday, holladay;

Translations for holiday:

Afrikaans words for Holiday

verlof, feesdag, vakansie.

Albanian word for Holiday


Arabic word for Holiday


Catalan word for Holiday

dia festiu.

Chinese word for Holiday


Danish words for Holiday

ferie, festdag.

Dutch words for Holiday

feest, vakantie, feestdag, de vakantie doorbrengen, feest‐, vakantie houden, vakantie nemen, vakantiedag, vakantie‐.

French words for Holiday

voyage, vacances, jour férié.

German words for Holiday

Semester, Urlaub, Ferien, Feiertag, Erholungsurlaub, Erholungsaufenthalt, Urlaubstag, Ferientag, Festtag, Ferienreise.

Greek word for Holiday


Hindi word for Holiday


Italian word for Holiday


Japanese words for Holiday

休日, 休暇, ホリデー, 休業, ホリデイ, きゅうじつ, 暇, きねんび, 遑, 物日, 記念日, 紋日, きゅうぎょう, いとま, ものび, きゅうか, もんぴ, もんび.

Javanese word for Holiday


Korean word for Holiday


Malay word for Holiday


Marathi word for Holiday


Papiamento word for Holiday


Polish word for Holiday


Portuguese words for Holiday

festa, férias, feriado, féria, sueto, tátil.

Romanian word for Holiday


Russian words for Holiday

праздник, отпуск, каникулы.

Spanish words for Holiday

vacaciones, fiesta, día festivo, vacacional, asueto, festividad.

Turkish word for Holiday


Ukrainian word for Holiday