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How To Spell hope?

Correct spelling: hope

List of misspellings for hope:

  • hoce,
  • hoke,
  • heppa,
  • shhop,
  • hope'd,
  • heheh,
  • hpope,
  • hiper,
  • hoppd,
  • nope,
  • ohpe,
  • shopie,
  • home1,
  • hopw,
  • hooplah,
  • nhope,
  • hooe,
  • houre,
  • hoge,
  • houee,
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  • ihope,
  • htae,
  • how're,
  • hoep,
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What does the abbreviation hope mean?


expectation; belief
Hope as a girl's name is pronounced hope. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Hope is "expectation; belief". One of three names/qualities (Faith, Hope, Charity) described in the Bible at I Corinthians 13:13; was favored for sisters by Puritans and Catholics. A legendary trio with the names were the daughters of Saint Sophia, whose name means "wisdom". Actress Hope Lange.

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Charlie Hope



Charlie Hope is a Canadian children's singer and song writer. Her debut album I'm Me! A Collection of Songs for Children, won two Independent Music Awards in 2010 for Best Album and Best Song for the title track, in the Children's Music category.

Hope Valley College


Academy school in Hope, England

Hope Valley College, Castleton Road, Hope, Hope Valley, Derbyshire in England is an academy school, adjacent to the Peakshole Water, in the High Peak district for pupils in years 7 to 11.

Maurice Hope



Maurice Hope is a former boxer from England, who was world Jr. Middleweight champion. Hope lived in Hackney most of his life, but now lives in his place of birth, Antigua. He represented Great Britain at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany.

Midland Railway of Canada


The Midland Railway of Canada was a historical Canadian railway which ran from Port Hope, Ontario to Midland on Georgian Bay. The line was originally intended to run to Peterborough, but the competing Cobourg and Peterborough Railway was completed in 1854 and the owner's plans changed.

Pleasant Hope


City in Missouri

Pleasant Hope is a city in Polk County, Missouri, United States. The population was 614 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Quotes for hope:

  1. The experiment of the poem is mostly intuitive. I write the first draft, pulling in the various elements that interest me, in the hope that their being combined will lead to some kind of insight.
  2. There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.
  3. I feel that its our children who do give us hope because they are the ones who are going to save the world.
  4. The way you remember the past depends upon your hope for the future. And if what you see in your future has no hope, it has no potential, then you view the past that brought you to here as not very good.
  5. If the skies fall, one may hope to catch larks.

Rhymes for hope:

  1. lope, grope, pope, sope, tope, shope, cope, rope, soap, mope, scope, kope, nope, slope;
  2. elope;

Translations for hope:

Afrikaans word for Hope


Arabic word for Hope


Bengali word for Hope


Chinese words for Hope

盼望, 期许, 指望, 想头, 企望.

Dutch word for Hope


French words for Hope

souhaiter, souhait, espoir.

German words for Hope

hoffen, Aspiration, Hoffnung.

Greek word for Hope


Italian word for Hope


Japanese words for Hope

ホープ, 切望, 光明, 脈, エスポワール, みゃく, せつぼう, 脉.

Javanese word for Hope


Korean word for Hope


Malay word for Hope


Marathi word for Hope


Norwegian word for Hope


Polish word for Hope


Portuguese words for Hope

esperança, ter esperança.

Spanish words for Hope

esperar, deseo, posibilidad, esperanza, expectativa.

Swedish word for Hope


Tamil word for Hope


Turkish word for Hope


Ukrainian word for Hope


Vietnamese word for Hope

niềm hy vọng.