How To Spell horrible?

Correct spelling: horrible

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What is the definition of horrible?

  1. Exciting, or tending to excite, horror or fear; dreadful; terrible; shocking; hideous; as, a horrible sight; a horrible story; a horrible murder.

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What are the rhymes for horrible?

  1. corabelle, mirabelle, orabelle;
  2. adorable, deplorable;

What are the translations for horrible?

Afrikaans word for Horrible


Chinese word for Horrible


Dutch words for Horrible

afschuwelijk, vreselijk, verschrikkelijk, gruwelijk, akelig, luguber, angstaanjagend.

French words for Horrible

horrible, affreux, terrible, effroyable, cruel, abominable, atroce, détestable.

German words for Horrible

gemein, fies, schrecklich, entsetzlich, furchtbar, makaber, unfreundlich, grausam, ekelhaft, garstig, grauenvoll, schauerlich, schauderhaft, grauenhaft, erschreckend, grausig, abscheulich, aasig, grauslich, biestig.

Greek word for Horrible


Italian word for Horrible


Japanese words for Horrible

恐るべき, ものすごい, 物凄い, 戦慄, 実にひどい.

Javanese word for Horrible


Malay word for Horrible


Norwegian word for Horrible


Polish word for Horrible


Portuguese word for Horrible


Romanian word for Horrible


Russian words for Horrible

страшный, чудовищный, отталкивающий.

Spanish words for Horrible

espantoso, atroz, horroroso, aterrador, espeluznante, feo, terribles, horribles, horrendo, horripilante.

Swedish word for Horrible