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Spell Check of abdomen

Correct spelling: abdomen


Common misspellings for abdomen:

  • abdomin (45%)
  • abdoman (8%)
  • abdoment (5%)
  • abdomine (3%)
  • adbomen (3%)
  • adomen (3%)
  • abdmen (3%)
  • abdomon (2%)
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Google Ngram Viewer results for abdomen:

This graph shows how "abdomen" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for abdomen:

  1. Before the smoke blew away, Kali sat upon the antelope and cut open its abdomen with Gebhr's knife. "In Desert and Wilderness" , Henryk Sienkiewicz.
  2. Finding that his first shot was ineffective for rescue and quickly deciding on a theory different from that which prompted the first shot, he sent a bullet into the abdomen, of one of the sitting and waiting animals. "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs" , Orange Jacobs.

Quotes for abdomen:

  1. I had a very bad torn groin, my abdomen right through my legs. I was finding it really hard to get in the ring and run around and function at a decent rate. Then they had the idea that it might be better to do a retirement thing. - Owen Hart

Rhymes for abdomen:

  1. bowman, bowmen, coman, dromon.
  2. greco-roman.
  3. loman, lowman, moman, omen, roman, showman, toman, yeoman.
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