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Correct spelling: able

Common misspellings for able:

ablew, abel, lable, albe, beable, eble, ablely, abled, aboule, a billioh, a billioo, a peo0le, bale.

Able \a-ble, ab-le\

breath, vapour
Able as a boy's name is a variant of Abel (Hebrew), and the meaning of Able is "breath, vapour".
Abiel, Abyel, abele, Abell.

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Examples of usage for able:

  1. You will not be able to go through to- night. –  by
  2. We may not be able to do very much, but would like to do something. –  by
  3. We may still be able to catch up to them. –  by

Rhymes for able:

  1. label, sable, stabile, stable, table, hable, mabel, mable, kable;
  2. abel, cable, fable, gable, abell;
  3. disable, enable, unable, unstable, mislabel;