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Spell Check of Abstaining

Correct spelling: Abstaining


Common misspellings for Abstaining:

abstainance, obstaining, abstaning.

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Examples of usage for Abstaining:

  1. The Leipzig working men had discussed the question of their relation to politics at a previous congress a few months before, and had been divided between abstaining from politics altogether, and supporting the Progressist party. "Contemporary Socialism" , John Rae.
  2. Thus the sharp differences of opinion that seethed in the Conference were calmed on the surface, and the original resolution was adopted unanimously, only a couple of staunch free traders abstaining from the vote. "The Government of England (Vol. I)" , A. Lawrence Lowell.
  3. He is to go with us to France, and is no longer under the necessity of abstaining from innocent and instructive amusements, because he is possessed of sensibility and a high respect for virtue. "Anna St. Ives" , Thomas Holcroft.

Quotes for Abstaining:

  1. Abstaining is favorable both to the head and the pocket. - W. C. Fields
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