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Correct spelling: accommodate


Definition of accommodate:

  1. To adapt; to make to agree or harmonise; to adjust; to supply with conveniences of any kind.

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Examples of usage for accommodate:

  1. And for as much as the place Last Voted by the Town to Build their meeting house upon will best Accommodate all the Inhabitants, Your pet'rs.
  2. It was not the direct route from London to Lincoln, but the Defiance went this way to accommodate Fenmarket and other small towns.
  3. They had gone early in order to accommodate Frank and Madge, and they found themselves alone.

Quotes for accommodate:

  1. In general, the Internet was not designed to accommodate deliberate failures to communicate. - Daniel J. Bernstein
  2. I've got to restructure all my personal life now in order to accommodate public service, which is fine. - Max Burns
  3. I've always been switching around the show to accommodate the audience, and you know it really makes it a lot more fun for me and keeps it fresh so that I'm not complacent with the same show every night and with every audience. - Deborah Cox
  4. Yes, our tree has an interesting shape. The center branches reflect the shape of the zero curve. When extreme parts of the tree are reached the branching pattern changes to accommodate the mean reversion. - John Hull
  5. The house is in turmoil with records on every space. In the kitchen and in the dining room is covered with records. I don't have a big enough house to accommodate everything. - Marian McPartland

Idioms for accommodate:

  1. accommodate oneself to sth
  2. accommodate sm with sth
  3. accommodate oneself to
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