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Correct spelling: Affects


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Examples of usage for Affects:

  1. The spring air affects us as it does the plants and wild creatures.
  2. The trouble is that gambling affects some people like liquor.
  3. This in turn affects the lives of people.

Quotes for Affects:

  1. It's amazing that this is still news to people, but that affects the final outcome of the film. When people are treated well, and they're made to feel valued, they give 110 percent. - Adam Arkin
  2. A musician cannot move others unless he too is moved. He must of necessity feel all of the affects that he hopes to arouse in his audience, for the revealing of his own humour will stimulate a like humour in the listener. - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  3. Today osteoporosis affects more than 75 million people in the United States, Europe and Japan and causes more than 2. 3 million fractures in the USA and Europe alone. - Gro Harlem Brundtland
  4. I think sport in general affects what people see in movies. I always try to explain to people in Hollywood that we have to make movies more like sport because, in sport, everything can happen and it's so much better than movies in some ways. - Roland Emmerich
  5. An art aims, above all, at producing something beautiful which affects not our feelings but the organ of pure contemplation, our imagination. - Eduard Hanslick
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