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Spell Check of Against

Correct spelling: Against


Definition of Against:

  1. In opposition to; opposite to; bearing or leaning upon; in preparation or provision for.

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Quotes for Against:

  1. I belong to a church and I try to do my Christian duty, so I am against alcohol... But we need the tax money. - Walter Allen
  2. Mr. Speaker, in the years since we enacted our attack against Iraq, the threat from Iran has only grown more difficult, and our capacity to meet that threat actually has diminished. It is one of the reasons many of us opposed that action against Iraq. - Earl Blumenauer
  3. On the whole, I am on the side of the unregenerate who affirms the worth of life as an end in itself, as against the saints who deny it. - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  4. They declaim against the passions without bothering to think that it is from their flame philosophy lights its torch. - Marquis de Sade
  5. Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized. - Joseph Sobran

Idioms for Against:

  1. squash up against sm or sth
  2. up against the wall
  3. demonstrate against
  4. fight against sm or sth
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