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Correct spelling: amateurs

Common misspellings for amateurs:

amatuer, amature, amatuers, amatours, ameatuer.


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This graph shows how "amateurs" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for amateurs:

  1. We are like some amateurs who want to paint finished pictures before they have studied the elements of Art, and when they see an artist do without difficulty what they vainly attempt, they look upon him as a being specially favoured by Providence, instead of putting it down to their own want of knowledge. – The Law and the Word by Thomas Troward
  2. And surely, when you get a number of people in a remote place like Strathaivron, the efforts of amateurs to amuse them should be encouraged and approved. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  3. " We are all amateurs in something or another, Mr. Moore," she would say. – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

Quotes for amateurs:

  1. I'll always be grateful to the public of intelligent amateurs.
  2. Artistic temperament is the disease that afflicts amateurs.
  3. I love mixing amateurs and professionals.
  4. Amateurs hope, professionals work.
  5. Those were the great days when plenty of amateurs could spare time for cricket.