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Correct spelling: answer

Definition of answer:

  1. A reply; an account to be rendered to justice; a solution. A written defence. To answer for, to be responsible for; to become answerable for. To answer to, to correspond; to accord.
  2. To reply to; to respond to; to refute; to atone for; to be sufficient for; to suit; to be opposite to; to solve.
  3. To reply; to respond; to be suitable.

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Examples of usage for answer:

  1. A verbal answer is a return of words to something that seems to call for them, and is made to a charge as well as to a question; an answer may be even made to an unspoken implication or manifestation; see Luke v, 22. In a wider sense, anything said or done in return for some word, action, or suggestion of another may be called an answer The blow of an enraged man, the whinny of a horse, the howling of the wind, the movement of a bolt in a lock, an echo, etc., may each be an answer to some word or movement. A reply is an unfolding, and ordinarily implies thought and intelligence. A rejoinder is strictly an answer to a reply, tho often used in the general sense of answer but always with the implication of something more or less controversial or opposed, tho lacking the conclusiveness implied in answer an answer in the full sense, to a charge, an argument, or an objection is adequate, and finally refutes and disposes of it; a reply or rejoinder may be quite inadequate, so that one may say, " This reply is not an answer I am ready with an answer means far more than " I am ready with a reply." A response is accordant or harmonious, designed or adapted to carry on the thought of the words that called it forth, as the responses in a liturgical service, or to meet the wish of him who seeks it; as, the appeal for aid met a prompt and hearty response. Repartee is a prompt, witty, and commonly good- natured answer to some argument or attack; a retort may also be witty, but is severe and may be even savage in its intensity. –  by
  2. You can't answer it. –  by
  3. There was no answer – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost

Rhymes for answer:

  1. mansur;
  2. cancer, dancer, lancer, mansour;
  3. advancer, enhancer;
  4. anticancer;