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Correct spelling: answer


Definition of answer:

  1. A reply; an account to be rendered to justice; a solution. A written defence. To answer for, to be responsible for; to become answerable for. To answer to, to correspond; to accord.
  2. To reply to; to respond to; to refute; to atone for; to be sufficient for; to suit; to be opposite to; to solve.
  3. To reply; to respond; to be suitable.

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Examples of usage for answer:

  1. A verbal answer is a return of words to something that seems to call for them, and is made to a charge as well as to a question; an answer may be even made to an unspoken implication or manifestation; see Luke v, 22. In a wider sense, anything said or done in return for some word, action, or suggestion of another may be called an answer. The blow of an enraged man, the whinny of a horse, the howling of the wind, the movement of a bolt in a lock, an echo, etc., may each be an answer to some word or movement. A reply is an unfolding, and ordinarily implies thought and intelligence. A rejoinder is strictly an answer to a reply, tho often used in the general sense of answer, but always with the implication of something more or less controversial or opposed, tho lacking the conclusiveness implied in answer; an answer, in the full sense, to a charge, an argument, or an objection is adequate, and finally refutes and disposes of it; a reply or rejoinder may be quite inadequate, so that one may say, " This reply is not an answer;" " I am ready with an answer" means far more than " I am ready with a reply." A response is accordant or harmonious, designed or adapted to carry on the thought of the words that called it forth, as the responses in a liturgical service, or to meet the wish of him who seeks it; as, the appeal for aid met a prompt and hearty response. Repartee is a prompt, witty, and commonly good- natured answer to some argument or attack; a retort may also be witty, but is severe and may be even savage in its intensity.
  2. You can't answer it.
  3. There was no answer. "Son of Power" , Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost.

Quotes for answer:

  1. I think that in some ways everybody is like Roger. Everybody thinks that when their friends have a problem, that they know the answer and that it's much easier to analyze the problems of other people than your own. - Jennifer Beals
  2. Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words. - Eileen Caddy
  3. Solutions are not the answer. - Richard M. Nixon
  4. Golf is a puzzle without an answer. I've played the game for 40 years and I still haven't the slightest idea how to play. - Gary Player
  5. An approximate answer to the right problem is worth a good deal more than an exact answer to an approximate problem. - John Tukey

Rhymes for answer:

  1. advancer, enhancer.
  2. anticancer.
  3. cancer, dancer, lancer, mansour.
  4. mansur.

Idioms for answer:

  1. have a lot to answer for
  2. answer to sb
  3. soft answer turneth away wrath
  4. answer the door
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