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Correct spelling: apparent


Definition of apparent:

  1. That may be easily seen; obvious; seeming, not real. An heir apparent, one whose right to succeed to an estate or throne is indefeasible.

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Quotes for apparent:

  1. As more information becomes available, and the magnitude of the storm's impact becomes even more apparent, it becomes clear that this recovery will be lengthy. - Jo Bonner
  2. The show originally started out as a ten hour mini -series. We shot two hours and then were excused for a while, for no apparent reason. Things went very quiet for a time and then a few months later we were called back and told that it was going to be a full season. - Gil Gerard
  3. The need for raising the awareness of this shameful chapter in U. S. history is more apparent than ever. - Michael M. Honda
  4. As the existence of a corps of professors of mathematics is peculiar to our navy, as well as an apparent, perhaps a real, anomaly, some account of it may be of interest. - Simon Newcomb
  5. The worst manifestations of exhaustion were successfully cured by a long period of rest but it was immediately apparent to me that I had lost once and for all my former capacity for carrying out experimental work until physically tired. - Wilhelm Ostwald

Rhymes for apparent:

  1. aberrant, declarant, emerant, inherent, transparent.
  2. errant, ferrant, guerrant, parent.
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