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Spell Check of approximately

Correct spelling: approximately


Definition of approximately:

  1. In an approximate manner.

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Quotes for approximately:

  1. I have been a gigantic Rolling Stones fan since approximately the Spanish -American War. - Dave Barry
  2. Is it not dangerous to have students study together for years, copying the same models and approximately the same path? - Theodore Gericault
  3. According to the study, approximately 16. 7 million U. S. workers born in Latin America had a combined gross income of $450 billion last year, of which 93 percent was spent locally. - Luis Gutierrez
  4. While approximately one in every 400 children and adolescents have Type I diabetes; recent Government reports indicate that one in every three children born in 2000 will suffer from obesity, which as noted is a predominant Type II precursor. - Tim Holden
  5. The wireless segment is approximately 50 percent of our business... we believe this is an industry -wide phenomenon and that we are, in fact, maintaining if not gaining market share. - Antonio Perez
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