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Correct spelling: authentic

Common misspellings for authentic:

aunthentic, authetic, authenitc.


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This graph shows how "authentic" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for authentic:

  1. That is authentic which is true to the facts; that is genuine which is true to its own claims; as, authentic history; genuine money. –  by
  2. It is indeed, the most interesting, authentic and reliable contribution to our war literature yet seen. –  by
  3. The latter statement was not questioned, but it was said that there were no authentic returns at the date of the Union, and consequently, that it was impossible to say precisely. –  by

Quotes for authentic:

  1. The old Fleetwood Mac was much better; they did some beautiful and, to my mind, very authentic blues. Chicken Shack did pretty well in Europe, but after I left, it was over.
  2. The biggest compliment to me is that guys really approach me and they have a connection with me, so there must be something I'm doing that is authentic, otherwise they wouldn't connect with me so strongly. It's a real compliment.
  3. The aim of every authentic artist is not to conform to the history of art, but to release himself from it in order to replace it with his own history.
  4. Any authentic work of art must start an argument between the artist and his audience.
  5. To create a past that seemed authentic but would be a fiction, you need an invented language.

Rhymes for authentic:

  1. unauthentic;
  2. splenic;
  3. eugenic, hellenic, transgenic;
  4. calisthenic, pathogenic, photogenic, psychogenic, schizophrenic, telegenic;
  5. carcinogenic;
  6. hallucinogenic;