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Spell Check of avoid

Correct spelling: avoid

Definition of avoid:

  1. To keep at a distance from; to shun; to eschew; to make void; to annul.
  2. To become void or vacant. See Void.

Common misspellings for avoid:

avoud, avodi, avoide, avode, advoide, advoid, aviode, avaid, avoit.


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This graph shows how "avoid" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for avoid:

  1. He knew it- realized it- made no effort to avoid it, fight it off, control it. –  by
  2. The seeing you is merely an accident, which I have done my best to avoid –  by
  3. I quite thought coming so early we would avoid them. –  by

Rhymes for avoid:

  1. freud, lloyd, void, toyed, boyd, floyd, boyde, cloyd, loyd;
  2. annoyed, destroyed, devoid, employed, steroid, deployed, enjoyed;
  3. overjoyed, unemployed;
  4. underemployed;