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Spell Check of azerbaijan

Correct spelling: azerbaijan


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This graph shows how "azerbaijan" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for azerbaijan:

  1. East of Assyria proper, the territorial empire of Sargon does not seem to have extended quite up to the Zagros watershed; but his sphere of influence included not only the heads of the Zab valleys, but also a region on the other side of the mountains, reaching as far as Hamadan and south- west Azerbaijan, although certainly not the eastern or northern districts of the latter province, or Kaswan, or any part of the Caspian littoral. "The Ancient East" , D. G. Hogarth.

Quotes for azerbaijan:

  1. The world has closed its eyes to the humanitarian catastrophe in Azerbaijan, where every seventh citizen is a refugee. - Leonid Kuchma

Rhymes for azerbaijan:

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  3. cadogan, christiane, christianne, denouement, kazakhstan, moldovan, rapprochement, teheran, thereupon, whereupon.
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