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Spell Check of babylonian

Correct spelling: babylonian

Definition of babylonian:

  1. Pertaining to Babylon; like the language of Babel; mixed; confused.

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Examples of usage for babylonian:

  1. It was in 1520, the year after his great disputation with Eck at Leipzig, that Luther published his cataclysmic addresses: " To the Christian Nobles of Germany" and " On the Babylonian Captivity,"- the latter of which itself contains the whole Protestant Reformation in embryo. – Holbein by Beatrice Fortescue
  2. It is the rhythm of all early poetry, the Egyptian and Babylonian – The Literature of Ecstasy by Albert Mordell

Rhymes for babylonian:

  1. jacksonian, newtonian, oregonian, plutonian, washingtonian, patagonian, simonian, smithsonian;
  2. bostonian, devonian, draconian, estonian, gorgonian;
  3. jeffersonian, macedonian, amazonian, apollonian, caledonian;