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Spell Check of Begun

Correct spelling: Begun


Common misspellings for Begun:

begune, beguns, beginned, beagun, begum, begiun, begn, bugun, bagun, befun, begean, bgun, beagn, beggun, beagan, begon, begung, begunto.

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Examples of usage for Begun:

  1. She had begun her preparations before breakfast.
  2. The poem is said to have been begun on a sick- bed and when the poet recovered he had forgotten or lost interest in his plans.
  3. The birds had begun to sing just after three o'clock that clear morning, for Celeste lying awake heard them; and they were keeping it up in the bushes.

Quotes for Begun:

  1. Nevertheless the meaning is not that the blessed bread which is divided, which is offered, and which the apostles received from the hand of Christ was not the body of Christ but becomes the body of Christ when the eating of it is begun. - Martin Chemnitz
  2. Therefore, when I considered this carefully, the contempt which I had to fear because of the novelty and apparent absurdity of my view, nearly induced me to abandon utterly the work I had begun. - Nicolaus Copernicus
  3. The labor of keeping house is labor in its most naked state, for labor is toil that never finishes, toil that has to be begun again the moment it is completed, toil that is destroyed and consumed by the life process. - Mary McCarthy
  4. I suspect that many corporations have begun to understand that they have an important role to play in the lives of their communities, and that allocating funds to support local groups helps them discharge that function and also burnish their image. - David Rockefeller
  5. The Italian prose tale had begun to exercise that influence as early as Chaucer's time: but circumstances and atmosphere were as yet unfavourable for its growth. - George Saintsbury

Rhymes for Begun:

  1. agan, c1, dagan, dagon, fagan, homerun, m1, outdone, outrun, redone, rerun, undone.
  2. brun, brunn, bun, bunn, chun, done, donne, dun, dunn, dunne, fun, gagan, grun, gun, gunn, hagan, hagen, hon, hun, hyun, in, jun, kagan, kun, lun, lunn, magan, megan, mun, none, nun, one, pagan, pun, ragan, reagan, run, runt, sagan, shun, son, spun, stun, sun, ton, tonne, un, won, yun.
  3. copenhagen.
  4. overdone.

Idioms for Begun:

  1. Well begun is half done
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