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Correct spelling: cabaret

Definition of cabaret:

  1. A tavern.

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This graph shows how "cabaret" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for cabaret:

  1. Don't know about a cabaret act right now, would actually prefer a role in a broadway musical.
  2. We then took a shortened version of what we'd been doing in the pubs, with the best gags and things like that, out to cabaret clubs and things in the north of England for six weeks. And we became a big success.
  3. But what I like to sing mostly is blues and cabaret style.
  4. Look at the darkest hit musicals- Cabaret, West Side Story, Carousel- they are exuberant experiences. They send you out of the theater filled with music.
  5. The most rewarding thing is being on Broadway. I went into Cabaret as a replacement and was really challenged beyond anything I could have imagined.

Rhymes for cabaret:

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