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Spell Check of capitalism

Correct spelling: capitalism

Definition of capitalism:

  1. an economic system based on private ownership of capital

Common misspellings for capitalism:

  • capitolism (22%)
  • capatalism (9%)
  • capitilism (9%)
  • capitalsim (6%)
  • capatilism (6%)
  • captialism (6%)
  • capitialism (6%)
  • capitalisim (5%)
  • captalism (4%)
  • captilism (3%)
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Examples of usage for capitalism:

  1. Industrial freedom, which has produced capitalism in the economic field, has resulted in political life in the ascendancy of a new class, a plutocracy, " the worst masters," said De Tocqueville, " the world has yet seen, though their reign will be short." "Contemporary Socialism" , John Rae.
  2. It is always the national idea of right that governs both in social and political relations, and as long as the national idea of right is that of Liberalism, we shall continue to have capitalism and a plutocracy. "Contemporary Socialism" , John Rae.
  3. Not their theoretical knowledge, but their practical conscience, leads them to their enthusiasm for a time without capitalism. "Psychology and Social Sanity" , Hugo M√ľnsterberg.