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Correct spelling: celestial

Celestial \ce-les-tial, cel(e)-stial\

Celestial as a girl's name is a variant of Celeste (Latin), and the meaning of Celestial is "heavenly".

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Examples of usage for celestial:

  1. It would have its celestial and its infernal regions, its tempting and its saving moments, its valid experiences and its counterfeit ones, just as our world has them; but it would be a wider world all the same. –  by
  2. A soul that had passed to a higher plane of existence, whom there was no one to welcome and guide, might have ventured timidly into the celestial land as Jennie among these lovely things outside her comprehension. –  by
  3. But the fact is this, that the reason of this knowledge is so various, so much information of all kinds enters into it, from information how to obtain iron up to the knowledge about movements of the celestial bodies, that man would be lost among all this varied information if he had no clew to help him to decide which of all these kinds of information is more important, and which less. –  by

Rhymes for celestial:

  1. bestial;