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Spell Check of Chaps

Correct spelling: Chaps

Definition of Chaps:

  1. The mouth or jaws.

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This graph shows how "Chaps" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Chaps:

  1. " Gully," said Cashel, his eyes sparkling, " I should like to see one of those chaps we saw on the common pitch into the doctor- get him on the ropes, you know." –  by
  2. Also, from the number of poetical chaps that have come down to us, it is evident that the demand for them had been great all over the country. –  by
  3. I should take to the woods, and sit and lick my chaps and bless my hide that I was for the time no longer a man. –  by

Rhymes for Chaps:

  1. apse, craps, flaps, lapse, schnapps, scraps, taps, claps, lapps, traps, capps, maps, saps, gaps, caps, wraps, snaps, straps, raps, slaps, naps, laps, yaps, apps, japs, zaps, kaps;
  2. collapse, elapse, perhaps, relapse;