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Correct spelling: chemical


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Examples of usage for chemical:

  1. Your confidence in me is indeed touching, he said, but a chemical lecture without experiments is like a body without a soul.
  2. Under the windows is a long table, on which are chemical apparatus.
  3. A table was on the platform, and boxes, chemical apparatus, and other scientific- looking paraphernalia were on it.

Quotes for chemical:

  1. The threat from Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction- chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capability- that threat is real. - Tony Blair
  2. Owing to the difficulty of dealing with substances of high molecular weight we are still a long way from having determined the chemical characteristics and the constitution of proteins, which are regarded as the principal con -stituents of living organisms. - Karl Landsteiner
  3. The physical fabric of the world had to be such as to enable that ten billion year preliminary evolution to produce the raw materials of life. Without it there would not have been the chemical materials to allow life to evolve here on earth. - John Polkinghorne
  4. What we know from World War I is that some of our troops had acute symptoms of exposure to chemicals, had bad health and died because of chemical exposure in World War I. - Christopher Shays
  5. When we're talking about technology that involves weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, there has to be an element of preemption. - John Sununu

Rhymes for chemical:

  1. agrochemical, biochemical, photochemical.
  2. polemical.
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