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Spell Check of claustrophobic

Correct spelling: claustrophobic


Common misspellings for claustrophobic:

  • claustraphobic (16%)
  • clostrophobic (15%)
  • clausterphobic (10%)
  • closterphobic (9%)
  • claustrophic (9%)
  • clostraphobic (7%)
  • claustophobic (5%)
  • chlostraphobic (3%)
  • clastrophobic (2%)
  • clostophobic (2%)
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Google Ngram Viewer results for claustrophobic:

This graph shows how "claustrophobic" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for claustrophobic:

  1. It might be a little ego- crushing, and just a trifle claustrophobic." "Out Like a Light" , Gordon Randall Garrett.
  2. Mildly claustrophobic, I guess." "Sjambak" , John Holbrook Vance.

Quotes for claustrophobic:

  1. It's claustrophobic, and I think it is to do with the amount that we're exposing people to one particular point. - Sean Booth
  2. I'm a bit claustrophobic, I know that now. - David Hockney
  3. I really wouldn't want to live in America. I found New York claustrophobic and dirty. I missed England when I was there, simple things like smells and the British sense of humor. - Jonny Lee Miller
  4. I think you tend to try, during the time you've got off, to forget about the film. It was such a total world. I mean, the sets were claustrophobic, and as soon as you were on there, you were right back into it. - Rosamund Pike
  5. At first it was exhilarating but when I realized it wasn't going away, it became scary and claustrophobic. Fame is a weird thing. - Sharon Stone

Rhymes for claustrophobic:

  1. aerobic.
  2. anaerobic, homophobic.
  3. phobic.
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