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  1. He then quoted the opinion of a distinguished English clinician, Professor T. Clifford Allbutt, who is well known, especially for his knowledge of the history of medicine. "Makers of Modern Medicine" , James J. Walsh.
  2. But withal, though he must have been well aware of John Hunter's advice to Jenner on vaccination, " Don't think, make some observations," his training in the indirect reasoning and deductions of the clinician prevented him from going right on to a direct experimental test of his theories. "The Glands Regulating Personality" , Louis Berman, M.D..
  3. It was especially the clinician who gave the impetus to this movement, because in pursuing the materialistic bent he found himself totally helpless as a therapeutist in the great majority of mental cases, and was therefore eventually forced to seek more promising paths. "Studies in Forensic Psychiatry" , Bernard Glueck.
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