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Correct spelling: cloth


Common misspellings for cloth:

cloath, coth, clth, choth, colth, clouth.

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This graph shows how "cloth" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for cloth:

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't carry just a piece of cloth to symbolize his belief in racial equality; he carried the American flag. - Adrian Cronauer
  2. I don't think I make much of a distinction between the 'real' and the 'fantastic.' They both seem to be threads in the same cloth as far as I'm concerned. - Alice Hoffman
  3. These managers all know their onions and cut their cloth accordingly. - Mark Lawrenson
  4. I am an independent film -maker first and foremost. I have always cut my own cloth. - Mira Nair
  5. I believe our flag is more than just cloth and ink. It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty, and freedom. It is the history of our nation, and it's marked by the blood of those who died defending it. - John Thune

Rhymes for cloth:

  1. auth, broth, doth, froth, moth, quoth, roth, troth.

Idioms for cloth:

  1. cut one's coat according to one's cloth
  2. be cut from the same cloth
  3. man of the cloth
  4. out of whole cloth
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