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Examples of usage for complex:

  1. That is complex which is made up of several connected parts. That is compound in which the parts are not merely connected, but fused, or otherwise combined into a single substance. In a composite object the different parts have less of unity than in that which is complex or compound, but maintain their distinct individuality. In a heterogeneous body unlike parts or particles are intermingled, often without apparent order or plan. Conglomerate ( literally, globed together) is said of a confused mingling of masses or lumps of various substances. The New England pudding- stone is a conglomerate rock. In a complex object the arrangement and relation of parts may be perfectly clear; in a complicated mechanism the parts are so numerous, or so combined, that the mind can not readily grasp their mutual relations; in an intricate arrangement the parts are so intertwined that it is difficult to follow their windings; things are involved which are rolled together so as not to be easily separated, either in thought or in fact; things which are tangled or entangled mutually hold and draw upon each other. The conception of a material object is usually complex, involving form, color, size, and other elements; a clock is a complicated mechanism; the Gordian knot was intricate; the twining serpents of the Laocoon are involved. We speak of an abstruse statement, a complex conception, a confused heap, a heterogeneous mass, a tangled skein, an intricate problem; of composite architecture, an involved sentence; of the complicated or intricate accounts of a great business, the entangled accounts of an incompetent or dishonest bookkeeper.
  2. The old ideal is, of course, the monarchical principle of government, administered, however, in such a manner that it will be for the good of society in all its complex manifestations of to- day.
  3. The administration of the law was far too big and complex a thing for any one body of men to deal with.

Quotes for complex:

  1. The inferior complex is now extended to all Europe, save Nordics. - Emanuel Celler
  2. I can't bear to see myself even in movies. The feeling is complex. I can't stand the sight of myself. - Nat King Cole
  3. We may not imagine how our lives could be more frustrating and complex- but Congress can. - Cullen Hightower
  4. First, Darwinian theory tells us how a certain amount of diversity in life forms can develop once we have various types of complex living organisms already in existence. - Phillip E. Johnson
  5. Afghan society is very complex, and Afghanistan has a very complex culture. Part of the reason it has remained unknown is because of this complexity. - Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Rhymes for complex:

  1. annex, cmx, convex, dissects, effects, execs, expects, objects, perplex, projects, reflects, rejects, respects, suspects.
  2. atx, intersects, megaplex.
  3. becks, checks, czechs, dec's, decks, dex, ex, flecks, flex, hex, jex, lex, mex, necks, next, pecks, plex, rex, specks, specs, techs, tex, treks, vex, wrecks, x.
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