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Correct spelling: compound

Definition of compound:

  1. To put together the ingredients of a remedy, according to the directions in a prescription or formula.
  2. 1. In chemistry a substance formed by the intimate chemical union of two or more elements, often differing entirely in physical characteristics from any of its components. 2. In pharmacy noting a preparation containing several ingredients as distinguished from one of the same name containing only one or a few 3. Not simple, made up of two or more parts.
  3. Composed of two or more ingredients, or of different elementary bodies; composed of two or more words.
  4. A body formed by the union of two or more elementary substances, the result of composition. A compound flower, a species of aggregate flower; a compound leaf connects several leaflets in one petiole; a compound raceme is composed of several small racemes; a compound fructification consists of several confluent florets Compound interest, interest added to the principal, and bearing interest Compound addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, calculation of quantities of different denominations Compound ratio, that which the product of the antecedents of two or more ratios has to the product of their consequents. Compound quantity, a quantity composed of two or more simple quantities or terms, connected by the sign + , or -.
  5. To mingle or unite two or more ingredients in one mass; to combine; to settle amicably; to adjust by agreement. To compound felony, receive back stolen goods upon an agreement not to prosecute the thief.
  6. To come to terms of agreement by abating something of the first demand; to settle with a creditor by agreement. See Component.

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compount, componed, conpound.


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Examples of usage for compound:

  1. Another reason was this: the names introduced from the Scriptures did not seem to compound comfortably with these terminatives. –  by
  2. He entreated the Minister, therefore, for the sake of his country, to make at least one test of the compound –  by
  3. Fire will not cause this compound even when dry, to explode, but the slightest touch will set it off. –  by