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Correct spelling: condenser


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Examples of usage for condenser:

  1. When the Hopper Bale Opener is located some distance from the distributing lattice, the latter may be fed by a blower and condenser system, and when the distance is very short an elevating lattice is used, dropping the cotton directly on the distributing lattice. "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery" , Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..
  2. A woman who spends her life in a reclining seclusion becomes very much of a clairvoyant, an electric condenser of emotions. "Command" , William McFee.
  3. This corresponds with the case in which the discharge of the condenser through the uniform loop conductor is a flow of electricity, all in one direction one way or the other. "Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy" , John Ambrose Fleming.

Rhymes for condenser:

  1. biosensor.
  2. censer, censor, denser, fencer, sensor, spencer, spenser.
  3. dispenser.
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