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Spell Check of cuddle

Correct spelling: cuddle


Definition of cuddle:

  1. To hug; to fondle.
  2. To lie close or snug together.

Common misspellings for cuddle:

cudley, curle, cuddley, couddle, cuttle, suddle, couldd, duddle, cudddle, caddle, cudle, cuddel, scudle, coudle.

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This graph shows how "cuddle" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for cuddle:

  1. Cuddle up close, and let's comfort you. "The Master of the Ceremonies" , George Manville Fenn.
  2. I want to cuddle you, honey- you are mighty sweet! "A Son of the Hills" , Harriet T. Comstock.
  3. She would cuddle rabbits or birds against her brown, lean cheek, and hug her setter enthusiastically. "Sisters" , Kathleen Norris.

Quotes for cuddle:

  1. I consider myself gay because at the end of the night, that's who I want to cuddle with. But when I go out, I go to straight clubs. - Jai Rodriguez

Rhymes for cuddle:

  1. befuddle.
  2. huddle, muddle, puddle, ruddle, udell.

Idioms for cuddle:

  1. cuddle up with a book
  2. cuddle up with a ( good) book
  3. cuddle up
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