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Correct spelling: Deming


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Examples of usage for Deming:

  1. The third is a plaque commemorating the building of the first addition to the courthouse, A. D. 1929, W. I. Deming, Architect, and C. H. Brooks, Builder. "The Fairfax County Courthouse" , Ross D. Netherton Ruby Waldeck.
  2. A short time after we were married, I moved to the town of Farmington, and hired a house of Mr. Chauncey Deming to live in, and went to work for Capt. "History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years, and Life of Chauncey Jerome" , Chauncey Jerome.

Rhymes for Deming:

  1. condemning.
  2. fleming, flemming, heming, hemming, leming, lemming, stemming.
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